New Website Look!


We've updated our website look! After having one website design for a couple of years, we decided to make a few changes to better display our work to potential clients.

We've added a full-bleed scrolling gallery on our front page, and placed summaries of our Instagram account and blog on the front page as well. This makes it easier for our clients to keep track of what's going on at RQI.


We've been featured on Huffington Post!


One of the best things about doing the kind of work we do is helping and empowering women to feel great about themselves.

With the way women are photographed, videoed, photoshopped, altered, edited, and displayed in today's society, it's easy to get discouraged and think that there are so many women with 'perfect' bodies in this world.

Not. True. 

Check out how one of our clients began to love her body, a process that Rocket Queen Imaging was proud to be a part of!

Read the article here.

New Referral Incentive!

We've been polling our clients and prospective clients, and one of the most requested additions to our offerings has been a referral incentive program. 

We heard them loud and clear, and put together a program that we believe will sweeten the pot for those who have been giving us that great word-of-mouth advertising. 

We are now offering a $50 gift certificate to anyone that refers a client who books and completes a boudoir or pinup session with us. This gift certificate can be used toward anything at RQI. Use it toward a session fee, a print to hang in your home, or that leather-bound photo album you've been eyeing. 

The best part of this offering? There's no limit to the number of referral bonuses you can earn, so get the word out and begin racking up those bonuses!

"Winter Wonderland" Sessions

Sometimes we need to stretch our creative juices a bit, so this year, we've created a "Winter Wonderland" session, and the best thing is... NO SNOW REQUIRED!

You know you've always wanted that fantasy photo session with the snow falling around you, and this is your chance to have it. Give us a call today so we can get you scheduled for a Winter Wonderland session of your own!

Pin-Up Sessions.. Sooo Fun!

When we started Rocket Queen Imaging over three years ago, we did so with the intention of focusing on pin-up photography. That's changed a little bit, as boudoir has become a very integral part of our business. 

We never, ever get tired of pin-up, though. Recently, we took my favorite model, my beautiful wife, out to "The Big Mo" Monetta Drive In, located in Monetta, SC. A good friend of ours brought his 1930 Ford out for us to use, and we had an absolute blast. 

Give us a call to discuss your pin-up session today. You KNOW you want to!

Wait... HOW MANY shopping days until Christmas?!

Christmas will be here before you know it, and with it, the dreaded search for that perfect Christmas gift.

Make it easy on yourself and surprise him with a super sexy treat in his stocking this year! ;)

Are you looking for the most memorable gift to give your partner this holiday season? We're currently booking for fall/winter sessions! We're filling up quickly, however, so don't let any grass grow under your feet. 

We Love Bridal Sessions!

One of our favorite  things to do at RQI is working with brides to craft the perfect wedding gift for their fiancés. 

We can't think of anything better to give your significant other for a wedding, and this bride-to-be really rocked her bridal session. 

Give us a call today to schedule your session. Your husband-to-be will love it!

Behind the Shoot - Lighting Setup

A few days ago, a friend, and cosplayer extraordinaire, Kristen Hughey came to work with us in the studio. Once we got the images that she and I initially wanted, I asked her if she was game for a little lighting experimentation. 

As usual, she was easy to work with and let me goof off a bit.

The image to the left is one of the images we captured during our brief experiment.

The setup was rather simple. A large octabox was to camera left, and a 64" umbrella to the right, both lighting the cyclorama, but feathered toward Kristen a bit to create some highlights on the edges of her body.

After playing around with the exposure settings on the camera, I finally began getting the balance of highlights and shadows that i was looking for, and was able to grab several images that I was very happy with.

The Times, They Are A-Changin'

Big changes are afoot at Rocket Queen Imaging. Since day one, we've striven to provide our clients with the absolute best in pin-up and boudoir photography. Those goals have not changed. However, in our ongoing quest to push ourselves to do more and BE more, we've decided to make some big changes in 2015.

We're not quite ready to reveal them just yet, but keep your eyes open for a couple of game-changing announcements in the days to come.

We're so excited for you to see what we've got planned!

- Chris