Doing What It Takes To Get The Shot

Photo by Rocket Queen Imaging, pin-up and boudoir photographer in Columbia, SC. All rights reserved.

Sometimes you have to work a bit harder to get the great shots. Pin-up, glamour and boudoir photography isn't always nice and neat. Sometimes you have to get dirty.

The above image was taken in Columbia, SC on a hot summer afternoon. We had scheduled an afternoon of shooting at the river, but it had been raining for almost three full days, and we were concerned that we'd have to fight the elements a bit too much to get what we had originally envisioned in for our shoot.

Just as we feared, rained poured down in buckets for the first hour or so. We trudged through mud, sometimes up to our shins to get to our first location, and shot Liz in a bikini with about 10 construction workers looking on and smiling. They had come to work even through the rain, and I'm sure at that point, they were happy they had.

As we were packing our gear and trying to decide whether to just try again another day, the clouds opened and the rain stopped. We didn't waste any time getting two our second planned location; the location you see in the photo above.

We again braved mud, wet, slippery rocks, water up to our knees, and had to climb a 15 foot high rock formation, but we finally made it. Much to our amazement and happiness, the sun peeking through the clouds had warmed the air enough to give us a thick fog in the background, making our effort to get the shot completely pay off.

We ended up with several good shots that day, but the above is our favorite, and one of our most commented-on images.