Behind the Shoot - Lighting Setup

Rose looking like a classic starlet.

Occasionally we use models to fill out our portfolio, and to experiment with different lighting setups. At RQI, we're lucky enough to have several model friends who can help us out in when we need it. One of our favorites is Rose.

The day we captured the image above, we had brought Rose over for a test shoot with some new lighting equipment we had purchased. Liz did her usual magic and perfected Rose's makeup, and we went to work shooting. This image was one of the first images we captured that day, and it turned out to be my favorite.

To me it seemed like such a classic 'Old Hollywood' pose, and of course, highlights Rose's beauty.

The lighting setup was simple. One strobe with an octagon softbox to camera left, about 6 feet from the subject. Another strobe behind the subject, camera right, just hot enough to highlight the black backdrop, and give a little depth to the image.

Don't you just love it when experiments turn out better than you expected?