A Success Story for RQI!

Nicole Tango shows fine form in this image created for her modeling portfolio.

Occasionally, an opportunity comes along to help someone along with their dream. Recently, Rocket Queen Imaging was able to take advantage of one such opportunity.

Nicole Tango, an aspiring model, engaged us to assist her in building a modeling portfolio. She wanted high-quality images that would aid her in landing paying jobs as a model. We relished the opportunity, and got to work.

About a week after we got her first images back to her, we received this testimonial from her:

"My name is Nicole and I had a photo shot with Chris and Liz. They are so nice and professional. I had such a great shoot with them. From my hair and makeup, til the shoot was done and I received my pictures, it was a great experience!! It helped to get me going in the modeling world.....within a week or so I already was getting requests for paid shoots!!!! Thank you both so much!!!!"

Needless to say, we were thrilled that not only her shoot with RQI paid off, but paid off so quickly! Good luck, Nicole!