A Little Vacation Time

Your trusty photographer and his lovely wife sharing a smooch during sunset at Folly Beach.

Everyone needs a little 'get-away' time. I got some myself recently. Not enough, mind you. Only a long weekend, but just enough to get my mind away from the tedium of everyday life. 

My wife and I took a couple of days to go to my hometown of Charleston, SC and visit some dear friends of ours. While there, we took a quick trip to see the Morris Island lighthouse, near the northern tip of Folly Beach.

As it so happened, we accidentally timed our arrival perfectly, as it coincided with a beautiful sunset. I quickly changed my camera settings, handed my camera to my friend, and said "line us up where you see the little black box, and start shooting!"

The above photo was the result.

I love it when little things come together to work out well.