Behind the Shoot - Lighting Setup

A few days ago, a friend, and cosplayer extraordinaire, Kristen Hughey came to work with us in the studio. Once we got the images that she and I initially wanted, I asked her if she was game for a little lighting experimentation. 

As usual, she was easy to work with and let me goof off a bit.

The image to the left is one of the images we captured during our brief experiment.

The setup was rather simple. A large octabox was to camera left, and a 64" umbrella to the right, both lighting the cyclorama, but feathered toward Kristen a bit to create some highlights on the edges of her body.

After playing around with the exposure settings on the camera, I finally began getting the balance of highlights and shadows that i was looking for, and was able to grab several images that I was very happy with.