Studio Nearing Completion!

It's been way too long between blog updates. In our defense, we've been absolutely consumed with getting our new studio completely finished. The hard work is paying off, and we're putting the finishing touches on our new space.

We have completed an estimated 90% of the work required to deem the studio 'ready for prime-time,' and we are absolutely thrilled with the results! 

The image to the left shows a before and after shot of the dressing room. The before image is a screenshot of a video I shot with my phone the day we signed the lease for our building.  As you can see, there's been an amazing transformation.

At the time of this blog, there is still a bit of construction going on in the main studio area, and we'll post new images of that as soon as that construction wraps up. To see more images of the dressing room and gallery area, click here.

We're new booking photo sessions in our new space. Call us today to book your session and experience a day just for you in the Rocket Queen Imaging studio!


More New Studio Progress Pics!

We've made fantastic progress on our new studio in the last few weeks. The above photos are of our soon-to-be-completed dressing room and bathroom walls. The new building is so spacious and has so much character, and we're very, very excited to be closing in on finishing things up!

We are already shooting in our new space, so book now, as slots are beginning to fill up!

A Little Vacation Time

Your trusty photographer and his lovely wife sharing a smooch during sunset at Folly Beach.

Everyone needs a little 'get-away' time. I got some myself recently. Not enough, mind you. Only a long weekend, but just enough to get my mind away from the tedium of everyday life. 

My wife and I took a couple of days to go to my hometown of Charleston, SC and visit some dear friends of ours. While there, we took a quick trip to see the Morris Island lighthouse, near the northern tip of Folly Beach.

As it so happened, we accidentally timed our arrival perfectly, as it coincided with a beautiful sunset. I quickly changed my camera settings, handed my camera to my friend, and said "line us up where you see the little black box, and start shooting!"

The above photo was the result.

I love it when little things come together to work out well.

First Studio Shoot

A shot of Rebeca, captured during the very first shoot in our new studio. (click on image for full-size display)

It's still several weeks from being finished, but our new studio is already beginning to pay dividends. We decided we couldn't wait to shoot in it, so we took our gear to the totally unfinished upstairs level, got Rebeca all made up, and started shooting. 

We didn't shoot long, but the time we did spend there resulted in some really beautiful images. We learned a lot, to boot, and can't wait to shoot there again!

A Success Story for RQI!

Nicole Tango shows fine form in this image created for her modeling portfolio.

Occasionally, an opportunity comes along to help someone along with their dream. Recently, Rocket Queen Imaging was able to take advantage of one such opportunity.

Nicole Tango, an aspiring model, engaged us to assist her in building a modeling portfolio. She wanted high-quality images that would aid her in landing paying jobs as a model. We relished the opportunity, and got to work.

About a week after we got her first images back to her, we received this testimonial from her:

"My name is Nicole and I had a photo shot with Chris and Liz. They are so nice and professional. I had such a great shoot with them. From my hair and makeup, til the shoot was done and I received my pictures, it was a great experience!! It helped to get me going in the modeling world.....within a week or so I already was getting requests for paid shoots!!!! Thank you both so much!!!!"

Needless to say, we were thrilled that not only her shoot with RQI paid off, but paid off so quickly! Good luck, Nicole!

Another Studio Update!

Rocket Queen Imaging's studio construction continues!

We have paint! We've finally started constructing, instead of DEconstructing! Yesterday, we finished painting our ceiling. After hours and hours of sanding, scraping, priming, taping, and several sleepless nights due to muscle soreness, we have a completed ceiling at last.

The image above is a bit misleading, because the paint is still wet, but it'll dry to a flat black. It already looks fantastic in person.

Also, notice the brick wall on the right side of the image. This used to be a doorway into the next building. Now, it's bricked up, and will likely double as a backdrop for photographs when all is said and done.  We still have painting and trim-work to do on that before it's all done.

All-in-all, we're moving right along. There have been a lot of blood, sweat, and tears invested into this building, and we absolutely can't wait to start shooting in it!

More to come. Stay tuned... 

Behind the Shoot - Lighting Setup

Rose looking like a classic starlet.

Occasionally we use models to fill out our portfolio, and to experiment with different lighting setups. At RQI, we're lucky enough to have several model friends who can help us out in when we need it. One of our favorites is Rose.

The day we captured the image above, we had brought Rose over for a test shoot with some new lighting equipment we had purchased. Liz did her usual magic and perfected Rose's makeup, and we went to work shooting. This image was one of the first images we captured that day, and it turned out to be my favorite.

To me it seemed like such a classic 'Old Hollywood' pose, and of course, highlights Rose's beauty.

The lighting setup was simple. One strobe with an octagon softbox to camera left, about 6 feet from the subject. Another strobe behind the subject, camera right, just hot enough to highlight the black backdrop, and give a little depth to the image.

Don't you just love it when experiments turn out better than you expected?

Perfect Little Pin-ups

Perfect Pin-ups

Today's post is a bit of a departure from the norm. A few weeks ago we had a shoot with a pair of perfect little pin-ups, and I just had to share an image from that session. 

This photo was shot at the Circle Diner in Leesville, SC, a fantastic place to grab a bite to eat and enjoy some time with friends.

These little girls were absolutely precious, and show that vintage pin-up can be fun for all ages.

We are booking now for summer sessions, so please contact us. We are centrally located for residents of Columbia, Greenville, Spartanburg, Aiken, Augusta, and all their surrounding areas. Call or email us today for information on booking your shoot!

Studio Update - Demolition Almost Complete

 Rocket Queen Imaging's new studio space, with demolition almost complete.

Rocket Queen Imaging's new studio space, with demolition almost complete.

After about two weeks of hauling away junk, ripping out old carpet, patching holes in walls, tearing apart old fixtures and cabinets, sanding ceilings, and about any other exhausting task imaginable, the demolition portion of the new studio build is almost complete. 

There is a small portion of the ceiling. as well as the floor of our shooting area still to be sanded and prepped for finishing, but that's all that remains of the large task of demolishing what was left by the previous tenants.

Ceiling painting should begin late this week, and floor sanding should be completed over this coming weekend. That is when real progress will begin to be readily evident.

We're very excited about the opportunity we have to build something special here, and while the work is backbreaking, it's a labor of love. There will be more to come soon. Stay tuned!