Choose Your RQI Experience and Let Us Amaze You!

- Individual Portrait and Pin-up Sessions

Our individual Portrait and/or Pin-up session will delight you, as we'll work to bring out your best features and capture them for posterity. You can opt for senior portraits, an edgy look, our extremely popular pin-up genre, and everything in between. These sessions come with hair and makeup styling. 

- Individual Boudoir Sessions

Show off your sultry side with one of our boudoir sessions. Our professional stylist will start your session by expertly styling your hair and applying your makeup. We'll then capture everything in a shoot specifically designed for you, based on your input. 

The result will be a memory that will last a lifetime. 

- Boudoir Parties

Perfect for bachelorette and birthday parties! Our creative team will arrive and get to work on hair and makeup. Each girl will get around 30 minutes to shoot, and will receive expert coaching from our stylist. 

Each girl will get their own private gallery for proof viewing, and prints may purchased a la carte after the session.  

- Custom Packages

We will be happy to put together a custom package for you, if what you're interested in is not listed here. Just contact us HERE and we'll get a customized session put together just for you. 

Frequently Asked  Questions

Do you offer on-location hair and makeup?

All of our packages include a professional stylist on-location, whether in our studio or in another location of your choice. Our professional make-up artist/hair stylist will discuss with you a look that is just right for your photographs. We want you to be thrilled with the way you look.

Do you provide wardrobe for the shoot or do I bring my own?

It is best for you to bring items of your own because they will fit you best. We will give you a suggested list of items to bring, and can also offer suggestions on the best places to purchase your wardrobe items. We will be happy to do a wardrobe consultation with you several days before your session, but feel free to bring as many items as you'd like, and our stylist will help you make decisions about what will look the best for your session.

Do you shoot in studio or on-location? 

We can shoot in a studio environment or on location (locations more than thirty miles from Columbia, SC may result in a mileage fee). Your decision on where to shoot should be whatever best fits your personality. If you are going for a highly elegant look, perhaps our studio or even a hotel room would be best for you. If you're a 'outside' person, a location in an outdoor environment may best represent you. It's your choice.

I don't know how to pose. Will you help with that? 

You don't need to be a model to rock a session! We are very experienced in getting our clients into the poses that most flatter them. By the end of the session you will look and feel like a celebrity. 

Will you share my photos on your website? 

We do not share ANY client images without written permission, period. We love to share real clients' images, but only do so if explicitly granted permission by the client.

Can I bring a friend for support? 

Absolutely! You are welcome to bring a friend for support and to cheer you on. Be on notice, however.. we may just put that friend to work holding a reflector!

Do you retouch the images? What is your policy on Photoshopping clients?

Yes, retouching is included, and all of your final images will be retouched to make you look your very best. Our policy is typically to not alter the essence of the person, unless specifically asked to by the client. For instance, we wouldn't typically remove a scar without it being previously requested by you, because that scar is part of your life 'story'. However, if you have specific photoshop requests, we are happy to take care of them for you! 

How long does the session take? 

Hair and makeup typically takes around two hours, then a full boudoir/pinup session usually last ninety minutes to two hours. Plan for around a half-day for the whole experience. You'll be surprised how quickly the time will fly when you're having so much fun.